Breakfast Blend 1lb/454g - available in Ground and Whole Beans

Medium Roast. Breakfast Blend Coffee is known as a nice, mild, balanced, and straightforward coffee that helps you to begin your day with a smooth flavour and medium body. This is an even balanced roast.

As this roast is often called a Donut Shop blend, drinking this coffee with your favourite donut would be the best way for you to enjoy your Breakfast Blend Coffee Experience.

Proudly Canadian. Roasted & Packaged in Calgary, Alberta.


Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Water DECAF Fair Trade 1lb/454g - available in Whole Beans only.

Chocolate and Raspberries are a delicious duo indeed. The decadence of the chocolate melting over the nice juicy raspberries, all blended together with a nice gourmet coffee is a delight not only to the tastebuds. The aroma as you bring this cup of coffee to your mouth will make the anticipation seem like forever. An added delight to this coffee would be to add a few dollops of  Frozen Vanilla Yogurt to launch this coffee experience over the top.

You are thinking it is not possible for this coffee experience to be surpassed, but it can. Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Water Decaf has been decaffeinated using water, temperature, and time instead of chemicals. This 10-hour process changes the decaffeinated coffee experience, and this is reflected in not only the taste but the aroma as well. Finally, Decaf Coffee Drinkers can enjoy a Gourmet Flavoured Swiss Water Decaf Cup of Coffee.


Enjoy your Freedom Coffee with our easy-to-use Biodegradable and Compostable Coffee BioPods. You can brew your coffee in a Keurig machine, make sure to order your adaptor. You can also put your Coffee pods at the bottom of a French Press or Steep your Coffee like you would tea. Get your Own Single Serve Coffee BioPods today!

When you purchase 4 packages of the 20 count Single Serve Coffee BioPods, pay only $60.

*** If you need an adaptor, please add it to your order as it is not included.***

 Proudly Canadian. Roasted & Packaged in Calgary, Alberta.


Coffee can be enjoyed in more ways than just hot or cold. You can enjoy it on beef, pork, chicken and even fish. How? We sell a fantastic rub that will enhance and elevate your meals to the next level. Bon appetit!

Colombian Supremo 1lb/454g - available in Ground and Whole Beans

Medium Roast. Colombian Supremo beans are the highest grade of coffee beans available from Colombia. With large and uniformly sized beans, this medium bodied coffee is moderately rich, not overly acidic, and has exceptional balance, making this one of the most popular coffees in North America.

The Colombian Supremo coffee beans offer a mellow cup with complex aromas and rich caramel-hazelnut flavours. Drink this coffee while enjoying a nice piece of Coffee Cake and you will look forward to your Colombian Supremo Coffee Experience every day.

Proudly Canadian. Roasted & Packaged in Calgary, Alberta.


Take a Bite out of coffee! This is not your ordinary gritty chocolate covered coffee bean. This Dark Roast Coffee Bar is made with our dark roast coffee and other quality ingredients which are ground to a fine, silky smooth texture. These coffee bars have the beautiful gloss and texture of chocolate, but they are made with coffee beans instead of cocoa beans specifically for coffee lovers! Each 30g package contains about 66mg of caffeine 

You can enjoy eating this bar like a chocolate bar. You can crumble it and use it as a gourmet ice cream topper. You could also melt it in warm milk!

Proudly Canadian. Made in Calgary, Alberta.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, coconut milk powder (coconut milk solids, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, trisodium phosphate, dark roast coffee, silver sparkles (iron oxide, titanium dioxide)

May Contain: tree nuts, soy, egg, wheat, and peanuts. Extremely slim chance of allergens.

Contains no artificial colours or flavours.


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